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College admissions is more competitive than ever. Don't be left behind.

Experienced Staff

Gonzalez is a 25 year old veteran of the public school system. Michael is a junior at Columbia University. Together, they have unique and complementary perspectives on college admissions.


Our camp curriculum has been battle tested in classrooms and in Michael's 1 to 1 counseling service. It's been designed to help a student, wherever they're starting, create a compelling, coherent application.


Know that your student will have 1-1 support from both Michael and Gonzalez. Our camp schedule has daily office hours and small group breakouts to give your student the personal attention they need.

When? August 4-6

Where? Zoom

How Much? $500

After 3 days, students will create:

  • An overarching theme for their application
  • A completed first draft of their Common App essay
  • A well-researched, diversified college list

All of these will be edited by Foster, Gonzalez and Wright

After 3 days, students will learn:

  • A step-by-step process for writing supplementary essays
  • An overview of the rest of the process – early decision, interviews, scholarships, etc.
  • Strategies to focus their time and stay on track

Meet your teachers

Gonzalez is a 25 year old veteran of the public school system. Michael is a junior at Columbia University, working 1-1 with students. Together, they have unique and complementary perspectives on college admissions.
Michael Gao

Michael Gao


Michael is a junior at Columbia University and he's been helping students privately for two years. When he was a senior, he got into Columbia, Wharton, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, and Duke, to name a few, but he's most proud of his students. This past year, three of his students were admitted to Columbia, one into Cornell, two into NYU, to name a few.

As someone who graduated just two years ago, Michael understands what your student is going through. In his experience, students are more comfortable sharing personal stories with him, and so he can get the most out of your student.

Don Gonzalez

Don Gonzalez


Gonzalez has worked in public education for over 20 years as a teacher and administrator. He earned a Master’s in Education Administration from the University of North Texas where he also received a graduate certification in Gifted Education. His thesis paper focused on identifying gifted students from under-represented backgrounds.

When he attended SMU for his undergraduate studies, he became the first person on either side of his family to attend college. His family’s lack of experience with the college application process, coupled with a poor school counselor, cost him an Ivy League education. It’s that experience that drives him to help others.

See where Michael and Gonzalez's students have been admitted.

What students say

These are just a few of the many students Michael and Gonzalez have helped over the past few years.
Brent Perlman

Brent Perlman

University of Pennsylvania's Vagelos Dual Degree Program

Gao Admissions helped me elevate my 'just okay' college application essays into highly competitive pieces of writing. Gao always made himself available to fit into my hectic schedule, and provided me with personalized and specific advice to take my essays to the next level. Due in part to Gao Admissions' excellent guidance, I was admitted into a highly selective dual degree program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones

US Naval Academy

Michael was a key component in my application to the U.S. Naval Academy. He worked with me mainly on my essays while we were in class together, but would also not hesitate to work with me over the phone. His willingness to listen to my ideas and work on ways to incorporate them into an admission worthy essay can honestly be credited for my appointment to the Academy.

Nhi Nguyen

Nhi Nguyen

Dartmouth University

Working with Michael definitely made the daunting college admissions process a lot easier. I especially valued his ability to see the broader theme. He helped me structure each individual paragraph in a way that highlighted the best qualities of myself. He was also very quick to provide feedback. I especially value his feedback because he does it in such a way that ensures I can still present my ideas in my own voice.

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