DayHours (in CST)Activity
THUR10-11Intro Assignment(K-W-L > What Have Done; Needs Done; Have Done)
THUR11-12Narrative Building – Big Picture
THUR12-2Do Assignment & Lunch
THUR2-2:30How to do Brainstorming
THUR2:30-44:1 Feedback Sessions(Intentional structure)
Creating Brainstorm strands
THUR4-5College List
THUR5-6Work Time and 1-1 Feedback
THUR6-7Office Hours
DayHours (in CST)Activity
FRI10-11Takeaway Workshop — Connect the Story to Your Narrative
FRI11-12Work Time and 1-1 Feedback 
FRI12-2Work Time and 1-1 Feedback and Lunch
FRI2-3Recommendation Letters
FRI3-4How to Edit
FRI4-5Instructor led peer editing in 4:1 Groups
FRI6-7Office Hours
DayHours (in
SAT11-12Why College and Why Major Essays
SAT12-2Work Time and 1-1 Feedback and Lunch
SAT2-3Short Answer Questions
SAT3-4Work Time and 1-1 Feedback
SAT4-5Productivity Hacks
SAT5-6Final roadmap for senior year
SAT6-7Final Q and A